About Us

About Us

Who is Olive?

You might be wondering “who is Olive?” That’s her in the picture. She’s the owner’s cat and she has a sister Olivia. Since we’re big animal lovers we thought Olive is the perfect namesake for our pizza and sandwich restaurant. But don’t worry, as sweet as Olive is, she’s never actually been to her restaurant before. Keeping with the pet theme, you’ll notice many menu items named after our four-legged friends. Peaches pizza, for example, is named not because it has peaches on it, but because the smoked cheddar topping is the exact color of our neighbor’s cat Peaches. The Cal isn’t named after the state, it’s named after Calvin the cat (one of Olive and Olivia’s BFF’s).

Now that you know where the name came from, let us tell you about our restaurant. Whether you’d prefer to keep it simple with a traditional pepperoni pizza or be adventurous and try our Nellie Mac & Cheese pizza, everyone will find something they love. Our pizzas are cooked in a stone deck oven making our hand-tossed pizza perfectly crispy on the bottom yet still soft and chewy. If you’d prefer thin crust we’ve got that too! While we do not offer pizza by the slice (it’s not fresh if it’s sitting in a warmer waiting for you to buy it), we do have flatbread pizzas that are a perfect choice for a smaller portion. What pairs better with pizzas than subs and sandwiches? We start with freshly baked bread and pile on meat, cheese, and veggies. Gluten-free is available in 14″ pizzas as well as a sandwich wrap. If low carb is your preference, try a low carb wrap or flatbread. Plenty of variety to keep the whole family happy!

Olive the cat

Ordering options

Call ahead (920-492-0732), order online via our website olivespizzaandsandwiches.com, use the Toast Take Out app and search for Olive’s Pizza and Sandwiches, or order in the restaurant. We now have delivery! Go to olivespizzaandsandwiches.com and choose ‘Delivery’. We’re excited to serve the Allouez community and can’t wait for you to stop in!